Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry (days after) Christmas

We made it!

We survived Christmas!

Pat yourselves on the back.  Give your loved ones a hug.  Or do like us for the past 24 hours, and watch your household fall apart around you while your five and six-year-olds prepare their own meals and your toddler covers the house in the washable markers you had to give him for Christmas because you forgot that he would also need presents this year... and do it all from the comfort of your soft, lovely, wonderful couch.

And when your small children start in with their requests, rudely ignoring the fact that you were busy doing all the hard work that they chalk up to "magic" (the same way my husband believes the dishes get cleaned every time he cooks and his clothes transport from the bathroom floor to the washing machine), point them in the direction of their new toys or TV shows that are not in any way related to Christmas or, better yet, bundle them up and push them into the yard, where you can see, but definitely not hear them.

If all else fails, do what is required of you, but sneak one to five Christmas cookies while you're doing it.  And get yourself a bottle of wine to polish off meal number five of turkey leftovers (which, fyi, is absolute best in pizza form).

Relax and enjoy the next 11 months, when it will start all over again.  (Or 11 months and three weeks if you're a procrastinator like me.)

Merry days after Christmas everyone!

And yes, I realize I probably could have cooked their lunch instead of taking pictures.  But really, where's the fun in that?

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