Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The magic

My mom and dad are here!

I love having them, but I'm not too nice in the days leading to their arrival.  I'm putting all my energy into cleaning and organizing and pretending that I didn't spend any time cleaning and organizing.  That it's just the natural state of my house.  Which it definitely is, Mom.

So I don't have much energy or time for choosing my words carefully.  Or talking in general.  Or feeding my children, for that matter.

But then they come and magical things happen.

For one, there are four more legs to run after Benjamin.  And let's face it, we can use all the legs we can get with that one.

I don't have to fight the mountains of dishes perched precariously upon the drying rack to find the peeler.  It's always washed, dried, and in it's place.  Which, I guess, is the drawer?

My kids don't need to hide favorite clothing items under their pillows anymore.  They can let them fall, instead, into the greedy hands of the hamper, where they'll be cleaned and returned in less than a month.

And I get to cook in peace.  Without a plus-sized baby in my arms and the big ones drop-kicking each other in the living room.

At one point I literally watched our dinner boil.  Just watched it boil.  And waited for the next step.  The magic had already done my dishes and for a few minutes I actually did nothing.  It makes me tear up a bit just thinking about it.

I love them for more than the magic.  Of course.  But the magic is nice too.

The magic even allowed me to do this.

Get it?

Granted, I only picked these because the internet made them look super easy.  The internet lied, of course.  But it turns out I'm kind of Super Mom when I don't also have to watch my kids, so it was no big thing.

We're so lucky.  Really.  We don't get to see our families enough.

But when we do, it's magic.


  1. Enjoy the magic Kim. I know they love to create it for you. Have a great time!

    1. Thanks, Aunt Patti! We had a great time:)