Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sick day

The sick leave situation around here is dismal.

I try to call in, but no one picks up.  Also, I have yet to find the right number.  Or anyone willing to take my request.

So instead I wake up to children at my bedside.  Waiting for me to get up.  To start serving.

"I'm sick, let me sleep," I say.  But who am I kidding?  They don't care.

And so it's back to the grind.  Packing lunches, making breakfasts, piling on coats and hats and boots.  Pausing periodically to lean against the counter and catch my breath.

Finally we're off to school and I'm glad for the opportunity to sit, if only for five minutes.

Because when we pull into the parking lot, I ask, "Can I drop you off in the circle?  Mommy's not feeling well."

And they answer "Okay" in such despairing tones that I find myself pulling into the closest spot, lugging the baby from his carseat, and dragging all five of us through the snow and the cold, hoping I'll somehow make it back.

I do make it back.  I sit for a minute because the baby is strapped down and pretty soon he won't be strapped down anymore.  Pretty soon he'll be loose.  And my rest will be over.

I'll try to distract him with TV, but even when I'm sick all-day-Mickey-Mouse is just too much... for both of us.  And besides, he needs food and drinks and diapers anyhow, so I might as well pull my achy body off the couch and play with him too.  As it seems today, on my sick day, he's suddenly forgotten how to play by himself.

He does choose today as an increasingly rare nap day, though, which calls into question my theory that he is, in fact, attempting to destroy me.

I need every second.  To sit and watch old episodes of Friends and to not move at all.  Because eventually, he'll wake up.  Eventually the big ones will finish with school.

Eventually they'll get sick too.  And my work load will actually increase.

Because three kids is one too many to remember who's sick and who's getting sick and who's been sick.  Who shouldn't be sharing drinks or touching each other.  Who should be washing his hands an excessive amount of times.  So I give up, mostly, and it's like a germ free-for-all around here.

And eventually we all get sick.  To varying degrees.  And one sick day turns into another, and seems to last the whole winter long.

It's fine, though.  We're just building ourselves some crazy immunity.

I can feel it.  Next year will be the year.

Next year I'll finally take zero of my zero sick days.


  1. It will get better...some day they will take care of you when you are sick. Really..they will.☺

    1. See, and they say it's the girls who will take care of you:) Even now, my boys love to bring me glasses of water and write me sweet notes when I'm not feeling well. Glad to know that one day I'll actually be able to rest when I'm sick!