Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Start walking

Oh my gosh.  There's a mountain of dishes in my drying rack.  Again.

Seriously, I just put those dishes away yesterday!

Also, the hamper is overflowing and the laundry room floor just COVERED in clothes.

I could swear I JUST DID LAUNDRY!

Dinner's not planned and I know my kids will want dinner.  They always do.

I'm scrounging questionable food from the back of the fridge, but honestly, I just went shopping last week.

My kids are behind in their yearly check-ups.  But we were just at the doctor!  Last year!

Bills need paid, even though they were paid just weeks ago.  Bedrooms need cleaned.  Even though they were cleaned just days ago.  Children need fed.  Even though they were fed just minutes ago.

And forget about long-term projects.  Like, our car was just recalled.  Haha.  Yeah, we'll bring it right in.

My seven-year-old has to remind me about school projects.  I'm always at least a week late on any forms to return or items to send in.  But seriously.  It's like, join the pile!  Make yourself comfortable.  It's going to be a LONG stay.

Honestly, it feels like I'm drowning a bit here.  I'm fairly certain I'll NEVER catch up.  My life used to be organized.  Now my kids' vaccination records are stuck to tongue depressors and thrown in a drawer.  I don't even know whose is whose anymore.  I mean really?  Can you justify making a mother of small children responsible for any important information?  I'm already responsible for keeping them clean and fed and alive and I can't handle any more than that.   I JUST CAN'T!

I don't know how it works, but it seems that each kid increased our work load exponentially.  We just took down our Christmas decorations yesterday.  YESTERDAY!  And while Joel was piling Santas on the table I may have said the words, "Really, is this that important?"

Because there's loads of stuff to do.  Always stuff to do.  But not nearly enough time to do it.

So I guess I'll give up.  A little.  I'll write this post instead of putting away dishes, because it feels a bit cathartic and that's got to equal knocking two or three things off the list.

And I'll do what I can.  When I can.

But also, I'll learn a few tricks.  Like shutting doors.  And adding things to my to-do list that I've already done, just so I can experience that elusive sense of accomplishment when checking them off.

And I'll stop worrying so much.  About the piling up.

Because years down the road I won't even remember what was in those piles.  Except for the laundry piles.  I'm pretty sure I'll never forget the laundry piles.

But the other piles.  The "to-do" piles.  They'll get done.  In some way.  And in some time.

But I don't want to recall these years as a frantic race to get stuff done.  Because I will never, ever win.  And although I feel like everyone else is winning, in actuality, they're probably back with me, somewhere near the start of the race, impossibly far from the finish line.

So perhaps I should start walking.  It might give me a chance to look around.  Notice the others lagging behind with me.  And my kids, who only want us to run if we're chasing them.

Let's face it.  Walking is easier.  And it never hurts to slow down.  Enjoy the scenery.

Yes.  I think I'll start walking.  After all, I was never much of a runner anyhow.


  1. I thought I was the only one who adds to the to do list after I do something. Now I find out you do....and Uncle Jim says he does too.
    Your blog crosses generations!

  2. Haha! Yes! It is so satisfying to check things off lists:)